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  • I have been working withthis file for about 2 weeks and today I am getting this error message and sketchup crashes.. I rendered the scene last night without issue but now it will not render. Nothing more has been loaded into this file since then. Any help would be appreciated. Graphics driver is up to date along with sketchup 2022. I have even tried pasting into a new scene but it still crashes. Thanks

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    mikemunson , thanks for your report.

    If you do own a raytracing capable card, you can try deactivating that particular feature as that clears some VRAM (General Settings -> Rendering tab) since video memory running full is usually the culprit when it comes to this error - Alongside you can also try our latest preview if disabling raytracing does not make a difference.

    Yet if neither does the trick please also click the first button in the prompt so that we receive the actual report with your log files to look into, especially since you mentioned that nothing has changed before Enscape stopped working, unfortunately.

    Thanks a lot in advance.