error message related to UTC+-

  • Morning

    I had an error message when opening enscape. saying...

    'Error starting enscape: offset must be within plus or minus 14 hours. Parameter name:offset'

    I soon realised it was to do with the UTC in shadows in sketchup, as remembered changing it as I couldn't get the views to get dark. What should this be on? I am in the UK if that helps.

    Hope to hear from you soon


  • Tracyheywood , first off right away, you mentioned you "couldn't get the views to get dark", so we'd like to look into that of course. I reckon you simply tried to set the time of day to night but this did not have the desired effect in Enscape itself? Can you perhaps send a screenshot of how your scene looks during nighttime? Let me know in case I'm missing/misunderstanding something here of course.

    Otherwise, simply make sure the UTC is not set to +15 and Enscape should start again as usual. The scene not getting dark enough seems to be a separate problem/unwanted behavior.

  • Yeah when I changed the time of day it only ever looked like the sun was setting & not complete darkness. The only way i could get darkness was changing the UTC. never needed to before. not sure why its happened. I found this out on a previous thread about the shadows tab

    At least I figured it out. Dont really know what the UTC is & Just wondered if there was a preferred setting.

  • as my model has been running so slow ive done a save as & cleared all the info to work room by room. My model is small & now crashes every time I put an enscape light into it...HELP!!!

    Hi Tracy - Please kindly check out my response here and follow the feedback report guide accordingly:

    Slow I need to upgrade my PC?

    Thank you in advance, that report will be very useful to troubleshoot this.