Requests in the portal or here?

  • I have requested a few features via the portal, but my question is, how can the team know how important features are for users, if these are not showing up in the portal? Users cannot vote how important/critical it is for them.

    I understand that not every request can be up there, but I believe some of these requests I did (see below) at least 1 or 2 have to be critical/important to a lot of users

    • Decals like dirt, damage, leakage etc for extra realism and to break texture tiling (d5, lumion example)
    • 3d procedural texture like grass but then for hedges with different kinds of leaves etc. So custom shapes can be easily made (like lumion)
    • Aging slider for aging of materials (like lumion)
    • Round edge (like d5 render)

    Or is it the idea to again put it here on the forum instead of the portal?

  • DeKoetsier

    Changed the title of the thread from “Requests in the board or here?” to “Requests in the portal or here?”.