HDR and Skybox Images are huge and blurry

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  • I've been finding a lot of discussion on this subject but haven't found a solution. I, as it seems many others, have stayed away from using Skybox due to this. I am using the cross Cubemaps downloaded from the Enscape site but am still getting super blurry backgrounds. From what I have found, it looks like it may be a graphics card problem? But I have a pretty stout card, it's an Nvidia Quadro M6000 24gb card. I'd love to solve this issue. For the time being, I'm rotating and using trees to block any blurred images.

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    Kevin Mendenhall , this behavior usually occurs when the skybox is too large for the graphics card VRAM (memory) to handle, so it gets downscaled, otherwise using a very low-resolution HDR file would also yield similar results. When it comes to the first point, since you have 24GB of VRAM this should not be the problem here. I reckon the scene is also only about as large as seen in the screenshot?

    If so, then please also make sure that your graphics card drivers are fully up to date, as well as also using our latest release which you can always acquire here.

    Should that not make a difference at all, kindly submit a Feedback report with your logs too and include a link to this thread in the submission form - This way we can check the log files, especially for any issues that could lead to this, which is of course not a normal behavior with that amount of VRAM you have available.

    Thank you for your cooperation and let me know once said report has been sent in. :)

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    Thanks for the report Kevin Mendenhall and further info - Pardon if this lead to some confusion, but the HDR file I talked about is simply the 360-degree image you've added as a skybox - This isn't related to the capabilities of your monitors though, it should literally not make any difference whether or not you have an HDR capable display.

    We're currently checking out the report - You'll hear back from us/me as quickly as possible after analyzing the log files.

  • Demian Gutberlet, I selected a 4K HDR for Skybox and it came in clear but huge, and my model is hovering in the air. I've reset my card to all the defaults. Is it the card that is actually scaling the images? I have some options in the control panel to enable/disable scaling but it doesn't seem to affect anything. I also downloaded the Quadro drivers that were recommended on the Enscape site.

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    Kevin Mendenhall , thanks a lot for your further input!

    It seems that in this case, it might've well been a driver related issue that was causing these blurry HDR backgrounds - They also basically always appear like that with the scene floating inside of the background so to speak since the skybox is basically infinite in all directions. This means it's also not really possible to just relocate the scene inside of the skybox (like closer to the ground for example), instead, we recommend using a different skybox file that works better with the current project.

    There are also some third-party applications out there that should help with adjusting the HDR to some extent, but it's usually easier to look for a background file that suits the scene better instead.

    Also, if you run into the problem of blurry backgrounds again, immediately let me know so that we can troubleshoot this further.