VR Viewer with Cadrboard not working on newer / Larger phones

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  • HI all,

    I'm working on a VR presentation for a larger conference, and part of that presentation includes engaging the audience with google cardboards that they can put their phone into and view some of our Enscape work through links we are providing. I'm noticing the vr viewer is not working with newer / larger phones. The screens are too big so the view becomes too spread out for proper VR viewing. I'm wondering is there a solution or workaround to this?

    I've noticed the google cardboard app does not have this problem, as it shrinks the usable phone screen area based on the viewer its using.

    I'd love for newer phones to be able to engage in the vr demonstration. Thanks for any input!

  • TinkArch18 Thanks for sharing your experience. We're aware of this issue and hope to come up with a solution soon.