Emissive Materials stopped self-illuminating

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  • I'm using a Windows based machine with both Revit and Sketchup Pro 2020. Yesterday, the emissive materials, that are in my rendering stopped self -illuminating, while the Enscape lighting objects continue to work. This issue occurs both in Revit and Sketchup. I happen to have a render in process using Sketchup, but I tested the software in Revit when Enscape quit working properly, so the issue seems to be with the software and not just using it with Sketchup Pro. Just before the emissive materials stopped illuminating, when I was taking images of my scenes, the materials would fade out and then come back to brightness. Suddenly the materials stopped illuminating at all. I installed the latest Enscape Software, made sure Windows was updated, shut down my computer and then restarted several times, made sure that Sketchup was working properly etc.. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Edited once, last by KennyKing: Status Update I was able to resolve my issue yesterday. It turns out that there was one particular spot light object in my Enscape rendering which was corrupted and that one light made Enscape's emissive materials stop working. Deleting the spot light allowed me to complete my project with no other issues. Thanks for anyone who may have thought on this in an effort to help me, as Adam F. did. Thanks, again everyone. ().

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  • Hi, Adam,

    To answer your question, yes the materials are still visible. Thanks for your reply, but I should notify everyone, that I discovered the problem yesterday. I had an unusual idea to just take my model and pull all the individual parts/ pieces into another file one by one. As I brought in my lights (which were a LOT) things started working again for the emissive materials. I then discovered pulling a particular spot light (which was a copy of another spot light) the emissive objects quit working. Long story short, the one spot light happened to be corrupted somehow and it was making Enscape's emissive lighting quit working. I deleted that one spot light and everything was great again and I was able to send out my project on time.

    I do appreciate your consideration of what could have been happening, just the same!