vray compatibility is exciting but can we have a decent video editor?

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  • Mac support for Enscape has always been a much-demanded topic throughout the past years - We did not start development until recently of course, but it did not boil down to a single firm using for Mac, that much I can tell.

    I want to clarify that I am aware there was support for Mac in the forums and that it was probably in development for a while. What I was trying to point out is that a certain amount of developmental resources (even if on a separate team or however you want to phrase it) was devoted to making a Mac side of the program when the fundamentals of the program are not working. Out of the four things that Enscape is used for: images, video, VR, and fly throughs, 25% is in a unusable state. Regardless of the platform or operating system, I would think priority would be focused on the second most used tool (my estimation) the program offers over breaking into new markets with a sub par video editor. That is where my frustration lies.

  • I'd be willing to bet some big firm that primarily uses MAC told them they'd buy X amount of licenses and that's whats caused this huge shift in focus to MAC recently.

    In an Autodesk-dominated AEC world, I can't imagine any large firm being primarily Mac-based. It always seemed to me that the Mac requests were coming from independent users or smaller firms. I wonder if Enscape has become successful enough to reach a saturation point in the AEC industry. With companies being driven for continued growth, Mac users represent a new market (though I would be surprised if the number of Mac users justifies the development resources.)

    Enscape has a pretty unique niche. There is a lot of vocal discontent here and threats to leave for other solutions, but there is nothing else that integrates with the host software like Enscape, and just "works" for the end user without additional hoops to jump through. Without a realistic alternative there isn't a lot of incentive to focus on stability and feature fixes vs finding new customers.

  • rifkin Speaking broadly, I know of a few companies (think along the lines of Starbucks, Top Golf, ect...) that use only Sketchup for their entire design process. I agree that not many architecture/engineering firms use Macs but Enscape has a board user base. There definitely was a large group of vocal users on here that were pushing for a Mac version, so the decision to include it isn't unreasonable. Like you mentioned though, does it justify the resources and/or the choice to include it right now? :/

    Also, I completely agree with your second point. BUT, like I've mentioned before in other comments, for instance, there is no native way to get a water feature to look good in Enscape. If my clients wants a home built around a fountain or cascading waterfall and also want to fly around it during a meeting, I'm forced to use another program regardless of how the rendering software integrates with the modeling software. Its features like that and ones others have posted about that are key to the "live rendering" user base but get skipped over for reasons that make people question the decision to continue with the program.

  • andybot

    Agree with everything in his thread unfortunately. For the last keyframe timestamp issue, you can trick the GUI by adding a new ending keyframe, setting the second to last timestamp and deleting the false ending keyframe.

    But yes, some design changes would make life much easier than having to use tricks.

  • I politely raised the "second to last keyframe" problem politely in the bug report channel, but here in general discussion I feel compelled put Enscape on blast.


    It worked OK before - so we know it's possible to not have the overall duration shift every time the second to last keyframe is edited. PLEASE JUST FIX IT!! Also - I was just reading another thread about how the ability to have the time move backwards was taken away instead of adding a toggle to continue to allow the functionality. STOP MAKING THINGS WORSE WITH THE VIDEO EDITOR!!

    (Yes, I can edit the video xml file in a text editor and get the proper end keyframe timings, but that's a workaround.)