Artifacts in the Shadows

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  • Can anyone tell me why the "red streaked" shadows are weird, with noise, artifacts?

    Knowing the "problem" of the self-illuminating materials, I rendered with these turned off and the result didn't change much.

    I'm using good quality HDRI, I've already switched to others, and nothing changes.

    Sketchup + Enscape 3.1

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  • What resolution are you rendering at? What GPU do you have? Do the shadows look any different if you use the standard sun instead of HDRI?

    Keep in mind Enscape's focus is real-time rendering. if you need perfect results sometimes you need to look for a different solution.

  • Full HD resolution, ultra.

    When I change the HDRI, white background, it stays the same.

    This was the only study scene where shadow error occurred.

    Maybe it could be the modeling, I'll try other scenes to see what happens.