360 + EXE Virtual Interactive Model

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    Anyone has issues with creating a 360 Panorama & Standalone model that's large project in Sketchup or other Apps. I had five building (2 large urban block) project with mixed-use building that had difficult time creating the standalone or panorama view. Is it the size of the file affects these exporting? It had multiple components that was transparent or not seen on the export model. Some components showed up with difficult color or not shown up at all. Rendering output didn't match the actual color shown on Enscape rendering or working model in Enscape. I thought it would be simple export and done, but it looks like it needs some transition work when it comes to export option.

    Anyone has similar issues with these? Tell me a good method of exporting?


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    @ml@LA, welcome to our Forum and thanks for your report / inquiry.

    To get behind this problem, can you please let me know the file size of the project(s) in which this behaviour persists? And what GPU are you making use of? Does this behaviour resolve itself when you create a panorama using the "Normal" Resolution setting?

    Regarding the other issues you mentioned, a rendering alongside one of the panoramas to compare would be really helpful.

    Plus, make sure you're using either our latest release or preview.

    Thank you in advance for your efforts. :)

  • Thanks Demian!

    It's a good advice on the setting (Normal) setting seems to work. I have good GPU, but at high resolution setting didn't work based on output. What kind of GPU you need to get higher resolution setting output?

    I have the latest release and it seems to be the system mostly on getting the output. My file was only 125mb.


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    ml@LA, can you perhaps still let me know what GPU you are using, or how much VRAM it has?

    Because it mainly depends on the latter, it's graphics memory to render higher resolution panoramas, renderings, videos, and so forth. So for example a card with 10-12 GB of VRAM will be able to produce higher resolution exports compared to GPU with only 4-6 GB.

    If you can let me know more about your specific model I can tell you if this behavior should be normal or not. Thanks!