Updates vs Performance

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  • Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone else is encoutering the same issues as our office. Over the years we have found that with each Enscape update, the performance of the fly-thru suffers. We are now at a point where it's near unusable & aren't sure whether the software has any value to us.

    ArchiCAD synced views can no longer be achieved, which used to be a critical componant to 'designing on the fly' & even exporting EXE files is resulting in huge lag/ crashing.

    We have high performing PCs in our office that have not shown any performance degredation on other software (ArchiCAD for example), so I don't believe it's hardware.

    We initialled subscribed all those years ago because the software was unequalled in fly-thru performance. Yes Enscape provides beautiful renderings, but so do others.

    Looking forward to hearing back from the community.

    Wade Stephens

    Rachcoff Vella Architecture

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    Hi Wade Stephens , and welcome to our Forum.

    Simply to make sure that this is not caused by any particular problems related to Enscape, can you let me know the system specifications (mainly GPU, CPU, RAM) of your main high-performance machines? Also, when exporting .EXE files, how large are your projects usually and how big does the standalone file get (in terms of megabytes)?

    Having that information may also allow me to provide further performance tips.

    Enscape in general has evolved over time in terms of its graphical capabilities and quality of output, so using the higher rendering settings will have a greater impact on performance compared to previous releases indeed (especially below 3.0), which should be counteracted by modern hardware (mainly recent GPU's) though. What is the Rendering Quality in the Visual Settings set to on most of your PC's?

    Feel free to also make use of the Feedback button which you'll find in the Enscape menu to transfer us a report with your logs so that we can identify the cause behind any crashes and to receive your current settings files - Let me know once you've send it in so that I can have a look at the data myself.

    Thank you in advance for your time and reply.