Worksession materials lost after updating links

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  • There seems to be a common solution amongst Rhino users where after updating a Worksession link, the textures get lost and everything becomes white. I haven't seen a response from the Enscape team recently and according to Rhino developers, this is something that needs to be fixed on Enscape's side.…scape-for-rhino/126416/16

    This is a very restricting bug and is happening for everyone in our relatively large office as well as multiple users on this forum. This is very frustrating when waiting for very large models to load only for them to appear white and the only fix is to restart Rhino and wait for everything to load again. When searching the forum I see this issue happening since at least 2018. I hope this can be fixed soon because it makes using Enscape very difficult. Please help!

  • Hi there,

    is there any update regard this issue?
    This bug slows down the workflow of the entire office and having to restart rhino and enscape every time there is any sort of update in a model can be a real pain. Please try to find a solution.

    PS. Rhino version 7.28
    Enscape version 3.4.3