Standalone EXE doesnt open

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  • Hi there,

    im trying to open a standalone exe on another PC, which unfortunately doesn't work.

    It runs fine on my end, but my Specs are a tid bit newer/better, but from what I gathered the ones inside of my other one should meet the minimum requirements.

    It also should be noted, that I have Enscape installed on the one where it's working fine, while I don't on the one where it doesnt.

    Shouldn't matter though.

    The problem is, when I try to start the exe I get very low CPU/GPU usage, which drops off completely as soon as the Enscape window pops open and im left with the loading screen.

    The Specs are

    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1630 v4

    GPU: Nvidida Quadro P2000

    64bit Windows 10

    If you need more Information I'm available to check and tell.

    I tried solving the problem on my own before getting the forum involved, and compared the Logs from both PCs, which are identical, until the exe tries to access the gpu via vulkan.

    It then continues to throw a fatal error message and writes a mini dump file (which I for some reason can't upload, although .dmp is an allowed extension).

    I'll attach the Log from one of the failed attempt, so you can check it aswell.

    I suspect the issue to be an old graphics driver/vulkan update version and would like you to confirm, so I can get it updated.

    The driver is from 23.01.2018, Version

    Maybe there has been a breakpoint since then, which prevents older versions from working?

    My Enscape version is Do i have to update to 3.4 for it to work?

    I also attached an error message, which appears on closing the window stuck in loading.

    It's in german, but a rough translation is: "Enscape got shut down unexpectedly. Please try re-opening the Enscape Standalone Host. "..." Please send us your Feedback including the log files of Enscape. "..." "

    Maybe that error is another indication of a problem, which can help in finding a solution.

    Thank you for your time.

    Best regards,


    PS. if i posted this in the wrong section or you think it might be better to help me via direct messages feel free to move/contact me

  • Rick Marx

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  • Hi mekelburg

    Welcome to our forum.

    In the first instance, please make sure that the graphics card driver on the machine is updated indeed, as Enscape makes use of newer technologies, an outdated driver can cause issues like this.

    Depending on the manufacturer, you can download the latest drivers here:

    -NVIDIA driver

    -AMD driver

    Please be aware, that Windows sometimes displays graphics card drivers as being up to date, even when this is not the case. Therefore we advise that you do not upgrade your drivers via the Windows Device Manager.

    If you continue to experience this, then please send us the necessary log files as described here, along with the dump files to, and add a link to this thread and my name as well for context.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Rick Marx

    Thank you for your quick response.

    As you and I suspected, updating the drivers did indeed fix the problem with no further repercussions.

    Since then I tried to run a standalone exe on another PC here, but that one is for showcasing plans and drawings exclusively and as such doesn't have a dedicated graphics card.

    It only uses the chips graphics (Intel Iris (R) Plus Graphics 640), which wasn't able to open the standalone.

    I guess theres no workaround for subpar hardware?:)

    It did however manage to open and work with a standalone web export i tried, so there's that.

    Is it possible to change the quality of web exports when logged in or does it always only stay at draft?

    Thank you!

    • Official Post

    mekelburg , I'll reply on behalf of my colleague. :)

    I'm glad to hear the driver update resolved your issue. Sometimes it's that simple.

    Unfortunately our .exe standalones to not support Intel on-board graphics either, no matter the Rendering Quality set or such. There is also no way I'm afraid to adjust the rendering quality of our Web Standalones, mainly due to technical (WebGL) limitations around which we cannot easily workaround.

    As an tip, be aware that you can also create a dedicated panorama gallery with Enscape, which may perhaps be a viable alternative depending on the situation:…norama-cardboard/#gallery

    Let me know if any other questions come up!

  • This is probably just noise and I'm stating the obvious... but it seems to me that the stand alone files were intended to share out with clients and/or team members who don't have access or understanding of work-station level machines? As such I would expect that the stand alones could be viewed on "whatever" (including Mac, ahem, which the vast majority of clients use while sitting on their couches at home looking at what their architect sent them) and shouldn't be dependent on expanded video cards and up-to-the-moment drivers. So far as the low quality rendering and lack of environment adjustments - take a look at a model to see how nice it can be, even on a mobile device. Just some fodder for future consideration.

  • JPBernier I agree with the sentiment of your statement and fully agree there should be some sort of smart phone support for the stand-alones. Realistically though, there are so many different PC specs out there combined with the minimum specs needed to run a live rendering platform that I don't know how you change the current threshold Enscape has created. I'd rather my clients not have a stand alone at all over one that looks terrible because it had to be bastardized to run on their frail home PC/MAC. Apple is coming out with more powerful products, but most commonly owned Macs today are not powerful enough on the GPU side to run Enscape well.