Materials not showing in Enscape.

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  • The below image shows that the Gold material applied by Rhino to the fawcett and towelbars isn't being reproduced in Enscape on the towelbars, though live updates has been activated and deactivated several times. (Also, no matter how glossy and reflective I make the material, Enscape renders it as matte.) Is this a common problem? Is it recommended to abandon Rhino materials with Enscape? Is there a circumstance I can undo which is causing this? BTW, the fawcett's an open mesh with its material applied in a former work session, and the towel bars are polysurfaces with material applied in this worksession.

  • Turns out the two apps' sensitivities to reflectivity settings are widely different. Rhino's Cycles render shows the rhino reflectivity ok (not shown above - that's a Rendered view mode.):

    Firstly, to get the colour of the material to display in Enscape I had to close and open the project. But the reflectivity didn't show until in Enscape I globally turned the Artifical illumination way down and the material's glossiness to the max in Rhino. I would guess that the high saturation of the Rhino material colour is read as such brightness that it isn't able to show natural-looking reflections.

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    djhg , thanks a lot for your post. We highly reccomend making use of our implemented material editor inside of Rhino. There is an elaborate description and tutorial which goes into more detail here in this knowledgebase article:…ebase/materials-in-rhino/

    If you still have any further concerns or questions please let me know!