Same Model, same settings, same Enscape version - different machines producing different renders of same scene

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  • Hi,

    I am using the same Sketchup model and the same Enscape settings (imported from one machine to another) to render a scene on both machines.

    Each machine is producing slightly different render results mainly to do with the harshness of the light produced by some rectangle lights used to add some additional light through some doorways - see the attached image.

    Why would this be happening?

    The machines have different graphics cards (both NVidia). Both running same version of Enscape.

    Another test using same model, same scene and default settings shows the rectangle lights working completely differently on the two machines renders. Machine A render much softer spread on the rectangle lights and machine B shows harsh lighting with less smoothing.


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    Hey SUPERMANWITHATAN , welcome to the forums!
    There is a number of settings that may affect your image that are not being saved into a Visual Settings preset file, for example the General Settings - Hardware Features

    Perhaps some of these are on on one machine and off on the other?

  • I thought that and checked all the Hardware related features on both machines via Endscape settings - both have the same Nvidia elements checked.

    It's really odd they are both decent graphics cards but the difference in the rectangle lights is weird, and enough cause an issue in terms of lighting a scene.

    Graphics cards are:

    RTX 360 Ti - causing the harsh shadows on rectangle light

    RTX 2070 Super - soft shadows on rectangle light

  • @Kaj Burival

    I've found the issue is to do with the Reflection map in the texture not the lights.

    Deactivating the reactivating on texture (in this case WOOD 16) causes the way light hits the surface from the rectangle light to change.

    So the issue is the way that Enscape is reading materials on the two PC's for some reason.

    See below 3 shots - START (no texture change), REFLECTION MAP removed, RFLECTION MAP enabled again.

    All 3 are different.