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  • Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience or knows of any software that can link a Sketchup model, or even better an Enscape model, into a 3d Configurator software.

    I have a client for whom it would make sense to be able to show multiple options of finishes for their product (windows/conservatories). I know that I could do still images and then multiple exports and integrate them into a nice user interface, but I also thought it would be great to be able to do this in a 3D viewer & configurator of some sort.

    Is this one step beyond Sketchup/Enscape and is it more of a 3dsmax/unreal type of workflow?

    Any advice would be great as I want to give them the best service I can offer them.

  • SketchUp/Enscape > Panos.

    A load of masking and extraction of individual parts using Affinity Photo and Designer.

    3DVista to make the pano tour/virtual staging.


    3DVista are about to release an update that enables you to use 3D models within a tour and .... Interact with them!

    Here's a demo: https://storage.net-fs.com/hosting/2727323/483/

    They will only support .GLB files and I haven't looked at the SketchUp > glb process yet.

  • Thanks Paul Russam that could not have been a more precise and bang-on-the-money reply

    I've not come across Affinity before, but is photoshop a substitute for this, or is there something specific within Affinity that might be worth further investigation? I need to spend a bit of time getting into the 3DVista trial, the tours you've produced are on another level

    That option of the 3D models would be amazing if it can work with SketchUp files, I guess it's just how to get the photorealistic textures that would be the interesting part.

    Thanks again for the knowledge drop

  • Hello hbc_visual,

    With Keyshot, you can find such 3D Configurator that link sketchUp model.

    Have a look here :

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  • Affinity Photo is Photoshop equiv and Designer is Illustrator equiv. They're as good as or better (subjective) and only cost £50ish each! ... no subscription. They do an InDesign competitor called Publisher which is supposedly very good.

    I used Photo to create the black png masks for each element and then Designer to apply the masks to the multiple panos reqd for the overlays and do the exporting of the resultant pngs.

    The tour above is very limited as its simply for picking finishes for the hall/kitchen/bathroom/ensuite, this is a far more extensive fully furnished all-room tour of the same house https://www.tours.blockcpm.studio/moira-one-1a/tour/

  • Ah interesting, I will have a bigger look into this, I'm so used to adobe, but I'd rather not part with the cash so sounds interesting.

    Ok yer that tour is on another level, out of interest how did you do the carpet texture, I tried to make one like that but couldn't get the look right.

    Weekend of playing around with Vista for me I think, definitely something I need to start using with clients.

    JDD thanks for this link, I've never touched Keyshot so will have to have a look