Issue with Sketchup Model Loading in Enscape

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  • Hi,

    I have never had an issue like this before, or at least not one that has persisted. I have used enscape on this computer before with no issue, but its been a few weeks. I ran the program installer to repair it to see if that helped, restarted, etc. I could see it being an issue with the speed of the computer (I don't have a video card either), except that I worked on this exact model on this computer before my vacation. I've tried opening a variety of models.

    My secondary issue is when I use enscape on my office computer, it is constantly crashing. I know that video card drivers have to be up to date (office computer does have one), but even when it is I am constantly getting this error. I feel like I am wasting hours of every work day just troubleshooting enscape at this point, it is very frustrating.

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    Hi flemingsimmonds , thanks for your report and welcome to our Forum.

    I'm afraid, even though the model may have been displayed properly in Enscape before we really cannot guarantee that there won't be any issues if there is no GPU built into your machine. The system requirements will have to be met in this case. I fully understand that this isn't ideal for you especially since you've been working without a graphics card for a while, but we can unfortunately not offer any official support for Intel/AMD onboard graphics.

    Furthermore, whenever you experience any crashing on a machine that does meet our requirements, kindly send in a dedicated feedback report with your log files and our support team will assist you further in no-time. Crashes can occur due to multiple causes so said log files usually tell us more to help our users. Thank you in advance! If any other questions or concerns come up regarding this or any other topic let me know.

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    The computer which is having the crash issues does meet your requirements, it is a gaming computer. I have sent the log files and haven't received a response in 2 weeks.

    I'm sorry to hear about that. Though, the last reply my colleague "Carl Freier" sent you was on the 20th of September, asking you to please update your Enscape as you were using an outdated version. To that, we received an automatic out-of-office response but no other reply or feedback. I am sorry about the confusion in this case.

    Just to make sure, even though you state that you've re-installed Enscape multiple times, are you still already making use of Enscape 3.4.2 instead of 3.3.1? (which was the last version we saw in the previous feedback report of yours.)

    In any case, I can also see you replied to my colleague now and he will of course look into this further and provide a solution as quickly as possible.

    Please also make sure that our responses (e-mails) do not land in your spam or junk folder, as I can also see that we replied to every feedback report you've submitted to far.