Unable to create a standalone WEB version?

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  • Hello,

    Congratulations for this fantastic software that I still love more and more. :love:

    For some unknown reason, when I want to export a "standalone WEB version" of my project, it calculates... Then nothing happens, the browser does not open, in my download manager I am told that it does not There is no standalone web version to manage in this project. Why doesn't it work please ? :/

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi AlexZ - A warm welcome to our Forum and thanks for your inquiry, I am of course sorry to hear about this issue.

    I reckon you are already using our latest version of Enscape 3.4.2? If not, then please make sure to update your Enscape accordingly (click here to get to our download page).

    If that is granted, you may also want to have a look into the following knowledgebase article:https://enscape3d.com/communit…ledgebase/proxy_firewall/

    Should you not be using a proxy at all and in case freeing up the corresponding firewall ports does not help with this, kindly let me know and also submit us a feedback report with your log files so that we can troubleshoot this further, as usually the logs should show some error messages or at least provide other hints as to why you experience this.