Download web page

  • Suggestion for your Web-Download Site / improvement (not such an important subject;))

    whenever I open SketchUp and whenever you keep ready a newer version of Enscape then, I get the system info "New Enscape version available!" - This is very well done and I like this! :thumbup::thumbup:

    Not well done on the other hand is your download page which then opens, as soon as I use your "Click to download"-link - now there opens a web-page which is actually not the announced download page but (at least from my point of view) rather any graphically very poorly done site with a mini button "here" hidden somewhere way down. This can be offered much better in terms of web- and communication design I think...
    When one is led to a download page, download buttons should be pretty much the first thing one should find there! - For you it is more logical for any reason to offer "System and Hardware Requirements" there instead :P8o and the download buttons themselves are literally untraceable small...

  • Hi there EGIE , I hope you are doing well. :)

    I'm honestly a little bit confused, are the download buttons not visible enough to you:

    (Inside the red squares.)

    Honest question of course, if they are not, then I can forward that as feedback and such. But, either button allows you to acquire either the latest release for Windows or Mac. Do you have any feedback you want to share regarding what could help you (and potentially others) in more easily knowing that those are the corresponding download-buttons?

    Thanks for any further input EGIE, and pardon the missing character next to the text of the download button, we'll fix that.

  • ouch me - sorry !!!! :huh: yes, you're right! Big Enough!!!
    (for whatever reason i didn't get the idea that these are the downloaders - thanks Demian Gutberlet for waking me up ||;):))

    No worries EGIE , zero reason to apologize!

    They may be large enough but there have been other users who were a bit confused too at first, even if it's just a few - Once you know it's very clear, but still. I've inquired our Web Development department about it to perhaps slightly adjust them, maybe adding a "DOWNLOAD" in before the existing text for example.

    I appreciate your input!

  • 🤣 exciting and funny how different visual communication works - really before Demian Gutberlet woke me up this morning I clicked on pretty much everything below "Windows" but not on this orange OS button itself 🤣 and thank you for not grilling me for my narrowness 🤣

    Best with enough coffee in the meantime ☕

  • wunderbar <3 very well implemented now in my opinion - thanks Enscape Team!

    That has actually been adjusted thanks to mainly you and Pablo! I've only forwarded your feedback which was rather logical to me. :) I'm glad it turned out as expected.