An option for Camera setting to be saved per each scene

  • An option for Camera setting to be saved per each scene is needed.

    When you create a lot of scenes, it's inevitable to change field of view / depth of field / focal point. All these are tied to a preset. You have to create so many presets and link a scene to a new preset only for the camera length.

  • Yes, I agree. It is annoying to change the output resolution or other settings for so many presets. Also the depth of field setting lacks fine tuning such as sharp area size or foreground/background blur only. It is very hard to achieve desired effect with only one slider :D

  • +1! Very important and logical improvement.

    I also think the projection mode (perspective/orthographic/two point) should be part of the view, not the preset.

  • It would be amazing if there were more baked-in skyboxes that we could use, and if we could change their elevation and zoom them in or out. The skyboxes in views occasionally look OK, but in other cases, it would be much better if we could just raise or lower them. Every time my superiors ask me where the skyboxes are and how it doesn't match the website we're using, I have to explain that they are only there for scale and context rather than using a lifeless white nothingness. Perhaps there is a way to have the skybox match the project's location and link to a street view on Google Earth or Maps from that place?