Panoramic View Export Folder

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  • I am unable to change the export location for the XML file. I work in a school district. We are not allowed to access the folder your export default folder points to on our C: drive. This means I cannot access the file no matter what. Is there something that can be done about that? Thoughts????


  • Hi jmariano

    In the title you mention Panorama export, but an XML file should only be for the video path to be saved.

    Nonetheless, when I'm saving either of these, a 'Save to..' explorer window pops up.

    Could you add some screenshots for clarity to see where this is happening for you?

  • Paul Russam

    Thanks for reminding me, completely forgot.


    Do you have a specific use case, or in general simply need access to the panorama XML files?

    I will then ask internally if there is a short-term workaround for this, as I am not aware of one.

  • ...they only become jpg's when a user chooses to export them from the Upload Management dialog.

    Paul Russam

    I know you are the resident panorama expert, and this seems like a relevant clarification, so I will ask here.

    I understand Enscape added Batch Panorama export.

    Are you saying that if I batch render panoramas (for example 50 of them) I must then export them all individually from the Upload Management dialog in order to use them via another viewer???


  • Sadly .... yes.

    Its a PITA as I regularly batch render 30+ panos and then render them again with edits etc then again for good measure, each time I have to save them as jpg's INDIVIDUALLY..... a quite tedious experience.

    Batch saving was asked for here and if I remember we were told "its on the list". I've also asked for it via the voting portal.

    The XML files contain the panos as base64 images, batch decoding them outside of Enscape with a script would be a reasonably trivial matter but.... the XML files DONT contain the scene name(s) so decoding them AND having them save with the scene name isn't possible .... AGHHHH! .... I have a request for the scene name to be saved in the XML file in the voting portal too.

    Rick Marx - How about it, batch saving panos, is it still on the horizon?

    For this I had to setup/render 56 panos, many edits were made such as " change the blue", "add brass handles" etc. I lost count on how many times I rerendered and saved the panos: (warning >>> maybe crappy on mobile)

  • Thank you very much.

    I have a project coming up that I plan to do a number of panoramas which will be iterative. I now I know that I need to plan for MUCH more time for each iteration. <SIGH>

    I just had a brainstorm idea.... if they have an online viewer, they are obviously exporting to a common format for viewing. Would it not be possible to just scrape the images from the viewer URL once exported?

  • It’s easier than that as the images ARE there locally, they’re just in base64 format (text), all that’s needed is to batch extract them from the xml files.

    I’m no coder but I’ll have a poke around next week …. Unlessssss I’m waisting if my time “Rick”? Hint hint