Displacement map does not wrap corners well.

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  • From a distance my material looks pretty nice (Fig. 1), but the corners look really weird because the wall's hard line is preserved (Fig. 2).

    Is there a way I can get my Enscape in Revit corners to wrap the displacement map? (Fig. 3)

    Fig. 1 - Displacement in "field" looks good

    Fig. 2 - Lack of Displacement at outside edges (looks kind of holographic if viewer is moving)

    Fig. 3 - Realistic displacement at edges (same texture, different software)

  • It's a paralax occlusion effect being used to create the illusion of depth - being like a hologram is kinda a good description of what it is doing.

    Tessellating the geometry is typically too demanding for real-time, which is why it tends to not be something you see very often.

    Over in game world where this a super common thing, physical geometry of bricks is sometimes used on the edges to maintain a required sillouette, but it's probably not practical with the tools you are using,

  • Adam.Fairclough

    Interesting. Thanks for the info.

    Architectural renderings tend to not be on the same level as gaming, probably due to time limits. (And since it's not most architects' main skillset, including me.) But that doesn't mean I shouldn't understand it and try to do better. :P

    For sure! It’s just another challenge we have to design around and good to know you aren’t doing anything wrong, it’s just how it is with the technology we are using.

    There are lots of things that environment and lighting artists would love to have access to that we have with enscape!