Advised performance / stable settings for general use (with RTX mobile GPU)

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  • Hello,

    Looked through the documentation and discussions ... and have also done some personal benchmarks.

    Verifying what is the advised general settings for day-to-day stability and performance with Enscape (we are using it for both Revit and Enscape).

    • Is it advised to generally have 'Hardware-accelerated Ray-Tracing' and 'Ray-Traced Sun Shadows' enabled to start?
    • Do enabling these two options substantially affect performance ... such as:
      - causing GPU memory to run out for larger scenes?
      - causing GPU to be taxed more and produce excessive heat (though its within thermal threshold, our mobile workstations are already running warm-hot with Enscape = warm keyboards)
      - cause Enscape framerate / navigation performance to drop (similar to when Ray-tracing is enabled in PC games)
    • I have seen in discussions that enabling these ray-traced options as the resolution for light leak issues (especially on later version of Enscape).
      Do you anticipate this becoming more of an issue ... and should most enable these ray-tracing options by default due to this?

    Weighing the pros and cons with advising all our users ... if these ray-tracing options should be enabled or disabled by default.

    Thanks for any guidance / clarity on this!

    - Ed

  • Raytracing on will burn a lot more Graphics card memory when rendering than off, I have an 8Gb RTX2070 and can repeatedly batch render 20+ 4k x 3k without problems 'if' RT is off but with it on it will crash out. Obviously, if I had a card with 12/16/24Gb I'd have it on (or at least try it out).

    I also have DLSS off as it caused pinkish blooms in the Enscape window (not in final render), I'm also starting to think that DLSS is partially responsible for the slowdown in 3.4 that some (inc me) are experiencing.

    I'm currently using SU22/E3.3 on a Windows 11 Desktop.