Bring Back the Downvote

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  • Demian Gutberlet Why was the down-vote option removed?

    I read the thread response in which a karen came in throwing accusations about how this programs forums (that over my 5 years on these threads I have only seen get ugly once) are terrible to them, which was not the case. But those posts/ your response does not seem to justify removing the users only way to express displeasure at certain actions or advice posted on here. If and only if the voting portal gains a down-vote option could I see the the down-vote option on here being removed be justified. Now there are no options other than a post or reply to have criticism shown in the forums.

    Please don't let 1 or 2 bad actors ruin the forums because they cant handle a joke (clearly displayed in the previously mentioned thread) or negative criticism. They are not the majority or even part of the reasonable minority, do not kowtow to them.

    As a second point, there is one thread that I am aware of on here that is acting unusual.

    Should I stay with Enscape?

    From my observations the last two posts did not show up on the latest posts tab when they were posted a day apart. It might just be a glitch or some other reason but I find it concerning that it seems to happen on a thread critical of Enscape.

    Both of these actions are very concerning because Enscape seems to be muting specifically critics of the program.

    • Official Post

    Tearch , just to jump right to the thread you mention, the only reason I can think of why the latest post notification did not appear right away was because a new user (in this case "Alison Teixeira") was posting something but we still had to approve his message manually for the first time, this gets rid of basically 99% of spam which was partially a problem we had to deal with before.

    I mentioned it somewhere else but want to mention it again here once more: We do not and will never censor anything our users say - As long as the discussion remains civil, any feedback be it negative or such as well is accepted and allowed. If you experience this again, let me know though of course, but I do not think it's due to a glitch or something.

    When it comes to the down-vote option, and I don't want to go into any detail when it comes to the person who asked for it to be removed, I do welcome your feedback and since there hasn't been any other negative feedback regarding this specific Forum-reaction, I've re-added it and appreciate your thoughts. We'll of course continue to monitor any further feedback when it comes to this and will take action should the reactions system be "abused".

  • Demian Gutberlet Thank you for bringing the down-vote option back.

    I was not aware of new users needing their first post approved, I thought that only applied to the creation of threads. I'm glad to hear there is no censoring on these forums.