Start up issue - boot error

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  • This issue has persisted for some time for me and through multiple updates. I'm not on the latest now, but this is the first time Enscape had a fatal boot error but still let me get into SketchUp. Usually, SketchUp freezes and I get a window that's an endless loop of switch to, cancel, or end I think and none of them do anything and eventually, I just have to open the task manager and close the program from there. Now that I have a BootError log I figured I would share in case you can see what's happening. I feel like it's something to do with Dropbox. I think I've noticed in the past where a file still syncing on Dropbox won't open properly because of an Enscape error of some sort. I zipped the file to save you -23 bytes of data because apparently, a .log file is an invalid extension :-D. Crazy I've been a user for 5 years now, it's great software guys, thank you for the awesome work.

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    amarr , thanks a lot for your post and I'm sorry to hear about that.

    I've added a .log file extension to the forum accordingly, I appreciate that you've put it in a zip file - Right away, which version of SketchUp are you using exactly? Do you experience the same problem using our latest preview as well, and do I understand you correctly that Enscape 3.3 is still working on your machine with SketchUp?

    And last but not least, are you able to use latest release/preview when Dropbox is disabled when trying to use SketchUp+Enscape?

    Thank you again in advance.