Enscape Renderer Error

  • When I launch Enscape from Revit 2019 I get the following error:

    Enscape encountered an error during rendering. It is using your GPU from Intel.

    Error compiling Shader.

    When the viewer loads, the graphics are low quality.

    I'm running it on a Pavilion all in one computer with an intel HD 530.

  • Hey bsneddon , unfortunately, the Intel graphics chip in your computer is not officially supported by Enscape. Enscape may work on some Intel chips with specific driver versions, but I recommend you use a different graphics card or switch to a machine with better hardware. Intel graphics cards are just too slow for Enscape to run smoothly, although we do intend on improving Intel compatibility sometime in the future.

    I highly recommend running Enscape on a system with a dedicated Nvidia or AMD graphics card - have a look at our System Requirements for an overview on what graphics cards are being supported by Enscape.

  • hi, i have the same problem here, but my laptop have both the intel HD Graphics 530 and a NVIDIA Quadro M2200. How can i get the Enscape work on the NVIDIA chip card.

    Help me

    Thank you

    Welcome to our forum and thanks a lot for your inquiry! :)

    In this case, check out our dedicated knowledgebase article here on how to make sure that the dedicated GPU is being used for Enscape instead of the Intel on-board chip.