Please Add Proportion Guide Lines to the Camera View

  • Hi,

    Vray 6 has a new feature called proportion guides, whereby we can frame renders better by using the rule of thirds composition, etc.

    If this feature is going to be added in Enscape for future releases, it would be great!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks manishpaulsimon for the feedback! Make sure to please also forward it directly yourself to our product managers via our portal as we detail here. :)

    It's more of a workaround of course, but you can also open up the video editor anytime you like to add some grid-lines to the scene. There is another method I detailed here as well. Hopefully one of these two solutions may already be helpful to you.

  • since there is no way to vote publicly in "public voting portal" here is my vote. +1 :)

    As mentioned in another thread where you replied this, please kindly use the portal itself to forward your vote personally. :) You can do so by just using the "Submit idea" button on the top right.

    Thank you very much in advance, and feel free to do the same for any other feature requests in the future. Of course, if you still want to open a discussion about any of your requests (please make sure to use the search function before to see if there are existing threads already), you can still do so as well, yet make sure to forward the upvotes yourself please.

  • Demian Gutberlet What Ondrej42 is trying to say is there is no way for the public to see the results of the Enscape Portal. From a voter's side, a vote goes into a void never to be seen or heard from again. The voters are requesting transparency of results on that site. Maybe a closed thread with regular updates on the stats compiled from there would solve this?