Need a new PC recommendation

  • Looking for a recommendation for a new PC that with a great graphics card AND the ability to handle very large vectorworks files. We currently use a decent gaming pc with a great graphic card but it struggles with large vectorworks files. Any recommendations?

  • Hi charlesdoell - Thanks a lot for your patience.

    Can you let me know which graphics card is built into the gaming PC you mention? For very large scenes we generally reccomend the lineup 3xxx lineup from NVIDIA starting in this case with the RTX 3080 (Ti) - RTX 3090 (Ti) depending on your budget. The more VRAM the better here.

    Does the machine also struggle still if you reduce the Rendering Quality in our Visual Settings to High instead of Ultra? How large are the project files you are using? And is there maybe a chance you are using high-quality (and thus perhaps also high poly) third party 3D models instead of our Enscape Assets?

    Thanks a lot in advance.