Where is Asset Library?

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  • The asset library is not appearing with Revit today, it was fine yesterday.....

    In the ribbon along the bottom of the screen, the Enscape Asset Library is showing there, but there is nothing on the screen today.

    I do not like using the Asset Library in the Enscape Render window, so this is disappointing.

    Any suggestions to what may have happened in the past 24hours? Was fine yesterday, gone today.....

    Revit 2023 and Latest Enscape is installed today, uninstalled and reinstalled just to be sure....



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    Hi Dave (@DPHORVATH), thanks for your report and I'm sorry to hear about that of course. I reckon this problem still persists?

    Can you kindly send me a screenshot of your Enscape ribbon in Revit as well so that I can see the missing Asset Library icon? And just to make sure, you are using our latest release, correct?

    It is of course definitely odd that this seemed to have occurred seemingly out of nowhere, so your cooperation would be appreciated.

    Also, are you still able to send in a feedback report with your logs as well? If you haven't already as said logs may also give us further hints as to why you experience this.

  • So this isnt going very well.

    Does anyone know how to activate the Asset Library window from the toolbar?

    Not working for me since the recent update.

    I do NOT want to use the asset library within the render window.

    I want the asset library window for drag/dropping like it used to do. Its a far better method unless im missing something here

  • Since the Asset Library shows in the taskbar, that suggests the window should be open somewhere. Is there a chance you had the Asset window dragged to a second monitor that is no longer connected? If you hit alt-tab to cycle through open windows, can you see a preview of the Asset window?

  • Here is what Alt Tab shows for the Enscape asset library; it has a blank black window, but it wont appear if i click on it. This happens on both computers, so im thinking its not a specific computer issue, its an Enscape bug issue.

  • Oh my Lord!!! I figured it out......

    As another mentioned prior, the window for the asset browser was on another monitor but far off the screen. I noticed a tiny sliver of a window at the bottom edge trying to hide, i was able to drag it up and boom.... it was the asset browser.

    Thanks to all for your patience and trying to help me out.

    I do often switch the monitors from desktop to laptop etc.. and that must be how the window became hidden on both my laptop and desktop....

    Ok, well, time to close out that item and back to work!!!!!!!!

    Thanks All!!