Tube lights & Rectangle lights shortening

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  • Hello,

    Has anyone had the issue where the line lights and rectangle lights have their effective light emittance shorten compared to the length of the light in SketchUp?

    this means you have to do lots of smaller ones and copy them back to back to remove the issue,

    is there a bug that causes this?

  • I think it's normal behaviour as you 'stretch' the amount of cd over a larger surface. Remember in for example V-Ray it works the same. Not entirely sure but think that's how it works.

    Saw your thread because I wanted to look for the best way to lighten a really large storage warehouse. And noticed the line lights have max of 3 meters length.

    • Official Post

    That is entirely normal behavior especially in real-time rendering engines like Enscape. Line and rect-lights will basically just emit light from the center area but tries to provide the impression of the light it simulates. Sometimes combining those lights with self-illuminating surfaces (for example a light bulb which has an emissive material applied alongside a sphere light) can also grant better results depending on the scene setup.

    Also, we do not reccomend re-sizing the lights using SketchUp but only making use of the sliders we provide in our Enscape Objects dialogue to not overexert the recommended limits set in place.