Does the old Render Distance trick still work?

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  • Hi Enscape! Does the old render distance trick work? If so, where do you put the userPost.cfg in the latest version? Thanks!

    "at the moment Enscape clips geometry at a distance of 7km by default as this suffices for most architeture projects and provides better depth precision (less flickering geometry). However you can overwrite that value manually if you really require to render larger scenes, however bear in mind that this comes at the price of both reduced performance & precision.

    To do so, you'll have to locate your Enscape installation first: For current releases that would be in C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins by default, for our current preview version it's the installation folder you chose during installation, default would be C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Enscape.

    In the installation folder you should already find the existing systemPre.cfg & systemPost.cfg file. Simply create a new text file and name it userPost.cfg. Open the file and enter the keyword r_farClippingDistance and the desired distance in meters. For example:

    r_farClippingDistance 15000"