Glass Reflection Issues

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  • Hello,

    An issue concerning glass;

    I'm currently populating a site with houses that are linked into my project, now the houses I'm showing here are identical; in that they are the same link but duplicated:

    Now, the house of the left displays glass as I would expect, whereas the house on the right reflects light as a mirror would.

    I understand that glass and reflections are something that are currently being looked at, I just thought that this instance was particularly strange; considering that materials are the same but one link is displayed different to the other.

    Any help offered would be appreciated.


  • Hi Lewis, if the affected building is mirrored, it's a known issue and we're working on it.

    I only could recommend you to "unmirror" it for now.

    If not, please share your project with us.

  • Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for your response,

    I won't be able to mirror the link back - the house is the way it needs to be on site, so the only solution currently would be to rebuild the house mirrored, which i'm probably not going to do. Not to worry - it isn't detrimental the windows display perfectly, it's good to know it's a known issue and not something i've caused or missed!

    Does this also mean window families that are mirrored within projects display like this too?

  • Lewis
    Instead of completely rebuilding an entirely new house, you could just select the windows in the linked file, and then copy them and use "copy to same place".
    Then you only have to rebuild/regenerate your windows, and you get the reflections you want (And of course remember to hide the linked windows).
    This worked for me, and didn't take that long to do.