Enscape lighting design (lacking controls -angle, shape)

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  • Hello,

    I just started using the trial version of Enscape with Archicad. I'm doing interiors with a focus on light design but quickly found out Enscape has a lot of limitations when it comes to lighting.

    Apparently Enscape is only mapped to Archicad's controls of switching the light on/off, light intensity and light color. So changing the light shape or illumination angle in archicad won't do much (if anything) in Enscape.

    Linear lights (area light type of light) in Enscape vs. the same lights rendered with Archicad's built in render engine (Cinerender).

    I found the issue of linear lights shortening talked about in some older threads (1, 2)
    The workaround suggested is putting multiple light sources next to one another and/or adding an emissive surface which has no size limit.

    The same light used above copy-pasted at 30cm distance from each other (no emissive surface was added)

    Now, this is much closer to what I want to achieve but still not ideal and the process is much more time consuming.

    I saw this type of lighting in some video tutorials of Enscape used with Sketchup and assumed I could easily do this with Archicad? The video doesn't cover the lights but the light above the counter and bellow the table looks completely continuous - just what I need.

    Also I noticed people use IES library to find custom lights to add to Enscape via the Enscape Objects window - one that is missing in my Enscape toolbar - is that feature only available if used with Sketchup?

    Image from this video, made with Enscape in Sketchup.
    "Enscape Objects" window with different lights available.

    There is also the big issue of not being able to control the illumination angle. I honestly haven't found much info on that, except that it's not possible to control via Archicad's light controls. I don't know if Enscape on Sketchup can do that either. So any tips or info on that would be greatly appreciated.

    For example I sometimes need a light strip that has only 2° illumination angle . Details like this are very important to my work as there is a big focus on the design of lighting.

    I read a post here that talks about how the lighting control is generally lacking in Enscape - so is switching to a different rendering software a better option since my focus is lighting design? (I tried using Twinmotion and light controls are better but I dislike the look of renderings). Or would using Sketchup instead of Archicad help me?

    Any information, tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!

  • Do you use pure white Materials for plaster and plastic ?

    Could prevent from GI absorption and bouncing infinite.

    I used Archicad's default materials in this scene (walls are Stucco rough, kitchen is probably Paint glossy white) and both of those seem to be pure white. So yeah, probably a good idea to add some grey in there.