City Skyline/Not ground HDRI

  • Evening all,

    I am starting to get projects in the city where ideally out of the windows I would like to show more appropriate skylines, all be it I know they won't be for the right city necessarily, but with some clever overexposure, it gives the impression that the space is in a city and at a high level of a building. I have an object with a texture mapped to a circular shape which I drop into the model space currently, it's great, but there are only so many times you can use it, and it's not always appropriate.

    So my question is, does anyone know where you can get good HDRI images which aren't taken from ground level but at high level of a building for instance? Or possibly a resource for more of these mapped texture images I've previously used.

    Any other thoughts on the subject please let me know, an example of the skyline I have been using on a recent render and an image of the model.

  • Have a look at this pano tour -

    If you go into the living room you’ll see a view of Dublin out the window.

    • I did this by using Google Earth (the app not the website).
    • Positioning the camera at the approx proper location/height
    • Capturing a load of stills WITHOUT moving the origin, I looked up/down/left/right etc.
    • Stitching the stills into a panorama using pano2vr (got a friend to do this as I don’t have the software myself)

    It was a delicate process as GE really really want to move the camera but once I got a process going it was quite quick.