.exe file wont open - there was a problem downloading necessary components for Enscape.

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  • Hi,

    I am trying to provide clients a standalone exe to inspect their design but everybody gets the same error below.
    I exported a standalone exe. added to the clients desktop and tried to execute a number of times and got the error below.


    I have outlined the version I am using below, hope you can help.

    Revit 2023

    Enscape 3.4.1

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    Thanks for your report Alter Office .

    Right away, your clients haven't tried to acquire and install the mentioned file in the error dialogue yet right? I reckon they also do not have a connection to the internet currently?

    In case these machines on which the .exe standalones shall run aren't connected to the internet and/or can't be, the client can acquire and install the following required redistributable files:


    Afterward the standalones should run without any further issues, if the machine on which they will be executed supports our system requirements of course.

    Let me know in case you run into problems still thereafter.