Orthographic Renderings are 'soft'

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  • The shadow sharpness slider does not appear to function when Enscape is in orthographic mode. The first image is in ortho mode for a building elevation, but the shadow lines have no definition even though the sharpness is set to 100%. The second image shows the same view but in perspective mode, and the shadows regain their definition. You can actually see the shadows cast by the concrete window hoods in the second image, but in the first they don't look present at all because the shadow lines are so blurred. Anyone else noticed this issue? Is there another setting I need to adjust to get this to work?

  • Has there been a recent change in the rendering of Orthographic views? The shadows and outlines of an Ortho view are much softer than the same on a 2-point view. All display settings are the same between the view, simply swapping from 2-point to ortho and everything goes soft and loses crispness. Shadow edges are jagged and smaller outlines are lost in the ortho view.

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    steezzen, I hope it's okay that I've merged your post into this relevant thread - chughes , it's been a while but I just wanted to let you both know that sun shadows should be a lot more defined now using Orthographic view mode in our latest preview 16 which you can acquire directly here. And check out the preview post itself here for further info.

    As always, preview versions are not production-proven, so be aware that there can be issues, and please report any of them back to us either on this thread or via a feedback report. Thanks a lot!