Support Sketchup models as custom assets

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  • Hello!

    For a project I want to convert some objects to custom assets for Enscape but I was actually quite surprised it doesn't support importing .skp files.

    Because I want to keep the polycount a bit reasonable I use Skimp or Transmutr to create a lower quality model which is than a .skp file. Or, I download a model from 3D Warehouse which I like to convert as a Enscape custom asset.

    Maybe I've a bit troubled way of working but it's quite odd a Sketchup plugin doesn't support a Sketchup model for import while the output of the custom assets are models which can be placed in Sketchup. It doesn't really make sense if I need to convert my skp to obj and have to import it for the custom assets so I can use it in Sketchup again.

    Maybe I'm overlooking a feature, if so, I'd love to hear more about it :)

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    Thank you for the feedback as always ozboz .

    I'd appreciate it if you could also forward your feedback to product management in form of a feature request. I reckon you are aware of this already, but meanwhile you can of course also make use of the proxy functionality (linked model) too add these .skp files into the scene. This function is also used to import .skp files of higher polygon count into Enscape while not slowing SketchUp itself down.

    Again, if you were aware of this you can ignore most of the above, but make sure to forward your inquiry as a feature too so that pm will be made aware for the demand of this. :)

  • Thanks Demian Gutberlet and I will make it a request, just wasn't sure if I might overlooked some functionality.

    I indeed used the proxy functionality to link those but than I ran into the issue that V-Ray doesn't render those linked models yet. I'm also active at the Chaos group's forum and had just a replay on my thread there about the linked proxies (V-Ray not rendering Enscape custom assets - Chaos Forums).

    I'm also aware the Enscape > V-Ray is a new thing but it's nice to play with while not working against a nasty deadline :)