Introducing RoomBox: Render-ready interiors in one click

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    Today we are proud to introduce RoomBox, our new SketchUp extension! ?

    It supports Enscape out-of-the-box, so I though the community here might be interested. Don't hesitate to remove this thread if it's off-topic.

    Render-ready interiors in one click

    Instill life into your SketchUp models by quickly and easily populating facades with render-ready rooms.

    Render-ready interiors for all your needs

    The largest collection of rooms ready to be inserted into your models. Shops, office spaces, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens… You name it!

    Every room comes with both night and day versions as well as low and high resolution variants.

    Instantly create and edit rooms

    Adding a room to your models is a breeze: select it in the library, click on a surface in your model, and you’re done.

    Once a room has been created, use our Room editor to modify its contents. There’s no need to manually fiddle with interior maps in an external image editor to get what you want.

    ­It supports Enscape and V-Ray out-of-the-box.

    Keep your model lightweight

    A room is made of just a handful of faces, but from a distance it looks like a fully furnished, textured, and lit interior.

    This keeps your model lightweight even with dozens or hundreds of rooms.

    Import custom rooms with RoomBox Pro

    For unlimited possibilities, you can even create custom rooms by importing your own interior maps.

    Try the free samples

    Get started right now by downloading RoomBox and trying the free rooms.

    Download now, it’s free!

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  • Gave it a quick try and I'm impressed.

    I recently did a bunch of exterior stills for a couple of detached houses, The houses were nothing special and I knocked them up nice and quickly, but ... I then had to populate the rooms enough to make them 'not empty' it probably took as long to do that as it did to build the house(s).

    I'm 100% convinced that RoomBox would have been more than suitable and would have only taken a couple of mins to do several unique rooms.

    I show my boss and I'm sure we'll be getting RB soon.

  • +1000000 for a Revit version of this. We will often do pre-design with a building shell to develop the look and feel of a project, without modeling or finalizing the interiors. This would give us a very fast way to make it look a lot more finished and not cookie cutter repeats of the same thing.

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    Thanks for sharing jiminy-billy-bob - This is not off-topic at all, but feel free to also share this in our Tips, Tricks & Tutorials section! Especially if there are plans to perhaps provide this for Revit as well or other CAD solutions in the future. I'm sure this will be useful for many users.

  • Hey Thomas,

    somehow i missed the release of RoomBox and discoverd the actual discount in my spamfolder... iam a huge fan of your extensions and already ordert the starter Pack. A big thanks for the great work! im hyped and looking forward to use Roombox in the next project :)

    Is there a platform or website were slefmade Custommaps can be shared? It would be greate if community had the possibility to share there own work... but i dont know if these against the licence or is wished by you.

    best regards

  • hay there @jiminy-billy-bob

    I just tried room box.. as grate as it is.. there has to be some BUT. Are You sure about the amount of light that You use to light this rooms.. I just tried one..Free bedroom .. and it gets way over 2000 lux-es.. As I have every other light in my model set up to have about realistic values, Your rooms are .. a shiny ones.. It is not entirely impossible to have 2000~4000 lux in Your bedroom and I am self learned not professional lightning expert but it is way more than I would expect..


    I more less stay with this values

    Illuminance - Recommended Light Level (

  • Yeah it's tricky because the Luminance value we pick must work in broad daylight and at night.

    In V-Ray it's easy, we enable "Compensate EV" by default and it looks good in all lighting situations. But there is no such thing in Enscape.

    So we settled on 10000 cd/m² by default, hoping that it fits must use-cases. I agree that this is not ideal because in cases like yours you need to edit the materials created by RoomBox, to lower the Luminance values.

    In a future version, have have planned to have a Luminance slider in the RoomBox editor. So you will be able to adjust the Luminance of all selected rooms at once. Maybe we should have a persistent option to set the default luminance value as well.

  • Ooo.. I was thinking that You have some light sources (invisible) set up. I didn't play around enough to notice that Your material is selfluminant .. In this case I should be able to adjust well enough.. great.


    as I had actually some simple light set in those rooms I can actually change the material to default.. or not use my light and go down to 10 cd/m2

    My rooms are basically white walls so they look a bit brighter but this variance is good.. I understand that Your idea was not only to make a room, but as well that people do not have to bother with adding their own lights. Still making it 10 000 cd/m2 is like making it shined by full daylight.. good if You want to be able to see inside of the room from outside at noon.. but very unrealistic.. In full daylight windows are basically dark surfaces with some reflections..


    solution You have chosen gives an option and that's great.. and one slider for all is a good idea..