Animation keyframes help

  • Hi, I am working on an animation at the moment, and the client has requested a couple of 180 deg turns, I have suggested to them that we use smaller segments instead of one animation walkaround but they insist on one walkthrough. My problem is that I cant seem to get the 180 deg turns to show slow enough, they seem very fast compared to the rest of my animation, and I can't see a way to stretch the number of frames between the start keyframe and the finish keyframe of the turn.

    Any help would be appreciated,



  • Hi Peter,

    I think last I got the same problem and don't found a good solution (I adjusted the time stamps, but it was cumbersome). It seems to be that the automatic animation speed calculation based on the distance at the walk curve only. I ask me could be there a way to take the camera movement in account also. So, maybe something like 30°/s. In the real world the camera man would lower the walk speed if he turns the camera around.

    For example this walk curve from top view. If the walk speed is constant at something like 1m/s, than at the 90° turns the camera makes a very quick view turn.

    archimedia Peter, is my problem the same like yours? Would you like to use a walk curve like this (in top view)?

  • Hi Micha - yes that's exactly it, and a great explanation. I am limited for space as it's a corridor area so I am not sure if I can use your solution above i dont have the space to do a 90deg turn and then another 90deg turn. I did try time stamps too but it didnt seem to help, maybe I wasn't using it properly.

    thanks for the advice.