Enscape Assets- People Requests

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  • Hey All

    I work in the retail sector and use :sketchup: and render my images and videos through Enscape...

    To bring images to life I add in a lot of assets, mainly people.

    However overtime I need more from the assets... so people in poses relating to an environment

    Someone paying at a checkout with their phone. Someone reaching up for an item off a shelf, Pushing a trolley, Carrying a basket, Walking from a fitting room with some clothes, a member of staff with a custom uniform!

    You get the idea....

    But how do I go about getting these?

    I have looked at other options but these require me learning another piece of software... (and I am time limited)

    Is there an option to request characters?

    Is there anyone who can create a pallet of characters?

    Hellllllpppp ?

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    You may of course import your own models of people using our custom assets functionality, which should not take additional training or software. You can also forward any asset requests to our product mangers and 3D artists as well by making use of our portal as we detail here. :)

  • I've run into issues like this as well. I went so far as to find my own 3D character artist and get a quote. The quote was quite reasonable for the amount of effort it would have been, yet I do not control the firm's budget, and it never happened. To give you an idea, $150-250 per character (on the cheap end).

  • Hey Guys... Thanks for the input.
    JMarsh4087 I went down that same rabbit hole and got very similar quotes..

    This may be something I have to explore for the more bespoke requirements

    HOWEVER- really feel it is important that Enscape step up and focus on their people assets to include more diversity and inclusivity.
    Looking through the pallet I could not find an elderly person or someone with glasses!
    Demian Gutberlet is there a timeline on this being available as I need to start looking at other rendering software to see if they have this function

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    We have just added 50 new people assets as well due to popular demand, perhaps there may be some models in there you can use: Asset Library Announcement: Enscape People Extension Package

    No elderly person specifically in this case but again, forwarding your request makes sure our 3D artists/product management team aware of the further demand for these assets specifically.

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    New people assets. NOT a single person handicapped! After spending a large portion of design time making sure buildings are ADA accessible would be nice to actually show it being used by the handicapped.

    just sayin.

    I can understand the frustration but this was of course not the last people-asset package we've added, so make sure to also make your voice heard by submitting this as a request via our portal (Top right -> "Submit idea") just so our 3D Artists and product management can track the further demand. Only in case you have not of course.

  • Our firm specializes in homeless shelters and supportive housing (for low-income, formerly unhoused residents). We're interested 1) racial/ethnic diversity, 2) a wider range of disabilities (wheelchairs, walkers, canes, hunched over), 3) a range of larger body types, 4) grandparents with grandchildren, and 5) people dressed in a more low-key manner (simple clothes, no makeup, carrying grocery bags, pushing grocery carts, wearing backpacks - not just kids). Thanks so much for considering this request!