Displacement "for real"

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  • Hi everyone! I had the opportunity to use Enscape for the first time in a competition.

    I find this software great with a good ratio between work/result. But I had a big problem with Masonry/Stone representation.

    First It comes that Enscape has a Displacement map, and I was happy because I use this map in the past (C4D/Vray) to represent 3D deformation on objects.

    Then I find out that is a fake displacement, the problem was in the "corner", here wasn't able to get the "brick effect" which was sometimes important and sometimes less.

    So Do I understand right? we cannot obtain this effect right now in Enscape. Yes, you can do a 3D modeling with that effect but since we are working on RVT we usually draw our object "straight line" so it's better to use a shader to get the 3D imperfections of the bricks element.

    Will this displacement be improved in the future? I read about parallax maybe because displacement is too "heavy" for a real-time engine (which is smooth and faster). But why not put this option even if it's heavy? at the end just put a bottom to activate displacement or not in your model with a warning message "This effect is really heavy and can slow your real-time effect"

    I don't know the best road to implement it, but does you think it will be added in future?

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    lorenzo994 , one of our users already put it in well in the above linked thread:

    It's a paralax occlusion effect being used to create the illusion of depth - being like a hologram is kinda a good description of what it is doing.

    Tessellating the geometry is typically too demanding for real-time, which is why it tends to not be something you see very often.

    Over in game world where this a super common thing, physical geometry of bricks is sometimes used on the edges to maintain a required sillouette, but it's probably not practical with the tools you are using,

    As he correctly states, offering actual tessellation/displacement in a real-time rendering engine like Enscape can drag the performance down substantially - With hardware and especially graphics card becoming more and more powerful though we can consider adding this functionality in the future.

    It would thus also be great if you could kindly forward your feedback and thus feature request in this case to product management using our portal, by simply clicking the "+ Submit idea" button on the top right. This allows them to track the further demand for this.

    I'd appreciate it, thank you in advance.

  • To confirm, is Vray the only way to get real displacement and tessellation in the renders? I don't mind if it is not present in the visualisation, maybe if there was a preview window to preview just a portion of the rendered area with full tessellation. But I mainly need this feature to avoid modelling the detail for final renders.