Enscape assets not behaving like Sketchup components

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  • Hi,
    Im doing a masterplan and inserted dozens of palm trees (Enscape asset) on a site. Now I need to resize the height according to a revision. When I resize one Ensacpe tree in Sketchup all the trees follow automatically (being a component). But in the Enscape viewport, the rendered image still show the original tree size. Is there a way to fix this ? Im trying to avoid reinserting all trees all over again. Thanks.

  • I would suggest first nesting the Enscape tree into a new SketchUp component . You can then replace all of the enscape trees with this new component without reinserting by first selecting all of the enscape trees and using the "replace selected" function by right clicking on the newly created component.

    So now when you edit the new component and scale the enscape asset, they will all change both in SU and Enscape.