Bleeding light through solid object

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I don't know if anyone has had an issue with this before and knows what I can do to fix it, I have tried a variety of things to no success. See attached two screen shots. One showing SketchUp and the other Ensacpe. The LED lighting that I have done seems to be bleeding through the solid upright and appearing on the wall. I have made sure that the disk lights aren't touching the uprights and resorted to turning them to face inwards to reduce the effect.

    It's not something I've encountered before as usually my lighting is on the underside of the shelf but it was requested on the uprights for this project

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi hbc_visual , and thanks for your report.

    I reckon you've tried this before but would it help if you move the lights a bit more inward and also further away from the shelf so that lights do not "touch" it? Otherwise it would also be ideal if you could share that part of the scene with me, just so I can have a look at this myself directly. ( for example can be used for uploads, or you can attach a .zip here with your next reply)

  • Hi Demian Gutberlet I did try moving away but the problem is if you move too far the effect looks wrong for the type of LED strip lighting. I resorted to angling the disk which reduced the bleed, but still apparent. Leave it with me and I will send over the file tomorrow as I'm on a deadline for this job today so need to get it sorted.

    Thanks for taking a look