Mirror Error Sketchup

  • jadiel , thank you for your post and welcome to our forum. :)

    Generally, only elements which are visible on screen can be rendered in full detail (with accurate lighting and textures) in reflections. This technique is called screenspace reflections.

    If however certain elements are occluded on screen, or behind the camera, Enscape uses a simplified version of the scene as fallback to be able to still display a perspectively correct reflections. Our algorithm prefers to select those objects that have the most impact on lighting in the scene, so sometimes certain elements (especially highly detailed, small objects) might not be visible in this simplified version of the scene. The simplified scene reflections also lack textures, but use the texture's average color instead to give a rough approximation of the material.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • is this case will be solved in the next version? I do have the same problem.

    Can you explain about the screenspace reflection technic?

  • Ranindita , I'm afraid this is not something which can easily be "resolved", as this behavior is vital for providing real-time reflections which are not extremely performance intensive. :) We'll still of course improve reflections even further as time progresses and hardware becomes better and better.

    Screen Space Reflection is a technique for reusing screen space data to calculate reflections. It's basically a ray-tracing technique but does not work on polygon mesh data, but on the depth, normal and color values that has already been calculated on screen.