Revit with BIM 360 demanding sync and reload after updating visual settings

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  • One of my coworkers is working on rendering the inside of our shared model and I'm working on the outside. He needs his views to be a high exposure but his settings are effecting my view, and when I change them to work for me he has to sync his model and I have to reload to be able to change it. Our team hasn't had this problem until we downloaded the most recent update. We are trying a workaround using preset visual settings now. Will update if it works. Has this always been the case and we haven't noticed? I thought that Enscape's visual settings were local in the sense that if two people didn't have a preset v settings active we could manipulate each of ours freely at the same time


  • I believe this is fixed in the recent service pack update. 3.4.3 improves Revit Worksharing Integration: Individual users no longer receive the request to save to central when making changes to active presets or views.