Strange Rectangular shadow appear when dropping a light

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  • Attempting to render a night scene. I tried most of the lighting options in Rhino, d anything that lights up the scene will also create a strange rectangular shadow.

    The point is to mimic the streetlight but it doesn't seem to matter where I put the light object, anywhere I move it, this shadow occurs.

    At certain camera angles, this shadow faded as the second image shows but it is always there and flickers A LOT when I rotate the camera.

    I have checked multiple time there aren't any overlapping objects.

    It will be much appreciated if someone can explain why this is happening.

    I am using an RTX 3070 if that matters

    Thank you!!

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    gga86 , a few things: Please make sure you're using our latest release of Enscape. Alongside, please also check if the project size is set to CM and that your scene isn't located too far away from the initial Rhino default starting location. Also, does this occur in other, perhaps similar scenes too?