How do you control the camera speed in videos?

  • OK guys, I'm clueless.

    I have my mouse speed and movement speed on the lowest possible setting in the input tab of the settings window. Screenshot attached.

    But still my videos created from my camera path in Enscape are like a speeding, wild, jerky,nauseating ride in an amusement park <X!!

    What am I doing wrong?

    Please help ;(

    Many thanks in advance.



  • You need to alter the time from frame to frame not anything in the settings. If you've set your 1st keyframe at 00:00 and your second keyframe is at 00:01 it's going to be incredibly quick so you need to extend the timeframe on the second or last keyframe as it sets the overall time of the animation.

    Hope that makes sense!

  • houseofmanuela , please be so kind as to follow the instructions of dan_noviun , and/or check out my explanation in this thread which is also very similar. :) Let me know if something is unclear to you!

  • Hi Manuela,

    I had a bit of trouble with this to start with...

    you have probably got this by now, but the clip below shows how it works..

  • Hi all! I am actually looking for a quick way to speed up my video. I have about 40 keyframes and changing to time stamp for each key frame is becoming a tedious task to speed up the entire video. Also, manually adjusting the keyframes is leading to non-uniform speed adjustments between multiple key frames. I just saw a tutorial "

    " where there is an option to increase the camera speed globally for all keyframes at once in revit. I am not able to find the same option under "Capture" tab in sketchup. Please let me know if there is a quicker way to speed up camera movement in the sketchup plugin. Thanks.