Floating Licence Manager

  • Hi,

    I work in a architecture firm, we are more than 40 employes and about 20 are using daily enscape.

    We are having troubles to manage our Enscape licenses. People forget to close the enscape windows, blocking the licences to the rest. Is there a way to know which computer is using the licence? is it possible to shut down remotly the license?

    Thanks a lot.

  • deegobt , you can check who is currently using the floating license (I suppose it's not a fixed seat license?) through the corresponding license stats in your account:


    Please briefly give me your e-mail address and I'll link it to your account so that you can log in (in case you've never done that before).

    Further, it is not possible to remotely shut down the license - I suppose, you want to deactivate it on the corresponding machines in which Enscape is still unwantedly open?

  • Timely! I just got a network license (our third) and was looking for the manger.

    Further question:

    I - as the administrator - can view who's using the license.

    How can "regular" users see who's currently using the license?

    The splash screen says that the license is busy, but shows no indication or WHO is using it.

    Actually, now that I'm experimenting with it, I'm not seeing anything under out account, either.

  • Regular users don't have the possibility to check on who's using Enscape.

    Do you want to have your users check the usage, to walk around and close Enscape windows?

    This seems quite inefficient to me. Sum that up for a year and it is worth investing in a couple of additional floating seats.

  • Hey DaveP , I understand, thanks for clarifying. Due to data protection law, we cannot allow each user to see who is currently using Enscape, but I can file a feature request to let the corresponding administrator define which users could be able to do that. Would that be of interest? :)