Universal Proxies

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  • The idea to use proxies is excellent but since Sketchup has some limitations using a lot geometry, Revit and Archicad are for documentation so the libraries are optimized and they have to be low polygon as well.

    My question/request is…If enscape can have an independent application to import geometry, applying materials and then generate libraries for the host app. So technically we have an editor to generate universal assets that can be used in any host.

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    Fernando Lino , thanks a lot for your feedback. :) Which file formats would you like to be able to import into this separate "Universal Proxies" application? Anything else you want to add to this feature request? Thank you again in advance. ;)

  • This question wasn't addressed to me but can't resist jumping in :)

    .fbx might be a good option as it holds more information then .obj , it's widely adopted and online libraries (like Evermotion) often offer it

    When custom assets are introduced, it's going to be important (eventually) to have a good way to distribute and organize them in the asset browser.

    - it'd be great if we could point the asset library to one or more folders on a network drive that holds the custom assets

    - organize them in categories (perhaps using tags, so the same object can show up in multiple organization structures):

    • NATURE
      • Type
        • Trees
        • Bushes
      • Season
        • Winter
        • Summer

    So a tree tagged with Trees and Summer will show up when you click on any of the following tags: Nature, Type, Trees, Season, Summer

    - integrate the enscape default assets in the custom categorie organization (or give an option to hide it)

  • Personally I would prefer to put trees/bushes/grasses... etc into the model, then be able to change the season and have all the inputed entities change to match it.

    Even the people and the clothes they wear.

    (I believe that the idea is that you only 'download' specific requested assets and will be able to import geometry into the asset browser)

  • Personally I would prefer to put trees/bushes/grasses... etc into the model, then be able to change the season and have all the inputed entities change to match it. Even the people and the clothes they wear.

    That's an interesting (but very advanced) idea. But it seems like you would need a ton of custom assets to make it work. For example: we have a lot of fall trees, and a lot of summer trees, but we have few trees that come in both a summer and winter version. Same with 3d people. Also, the majority of assets will not react to seasons (cars, office props, books, furniture, ...).

    I regret using 'seasons' as an example to explain the power of a tagged organization scheme as it seems to derail the conversation. Let me try another example:

    one can organize furniture based on what TYPE it is (chair, sofa, ...) or what STYLE it is (classic, modern, ...) or what MANUFACTURER it is from. If you use a tagged organization scheme all these organization structures can co-exist. I can chose to see all chairs (ignoring the style), or I can chose to see all Classic furniture, ... etc

  • That's an interesting (but very advanced) idea

    Not that advanced; still have a {*Season*} tag - If you are changing the season, then look for an asset name that matches an existing asset but has a {*New_season*} tag. If it exists then swap out the asset. If it doesn't then leave it alone. Perhaps just a good "Find and replace" tool that could be used on any tag.

    I agree about having a better organisational/filtering system...I would say you need a handful of specific tags against assets that can all be filtered on:

    - Name (a descriptive name rather than "man097" or "tree")

    - Geo location (perhaps biome instead? Something to group the type of foliage, people and language.)

    - Type & class (Vegetation - trees, bushes, flowers, grasses; People - active, sitting, standing; Furniture - Bedroom, bathroom, lounge, kitchen, patio; Lighting - Ceiling, wall, standing, desk; Objects - objet d'art, hangings, toys, books, kitchen, office) *

    - Sub class (Not sure - I think that if the name is correct then you shouldn't need this)

    - Season (Winter, spring, summer, autumn)

    - Creator (Could also contain manufacturer information)

    - Date (To check the existing for any updates to this asset)

    - Useage (Check if it has been downloaded (>=0), if it's queued to download (=-1), how many times it's been used, etc.)

    [* taken from my own library and simplified/stripped down - I think that there is a personal balance between being too detailed and too general and it's easy to swing either way.]

  • fbx seems a standard . The benefits to me of having an editor is huge because one could transfer existing high-end libraries into the enscape world for all the apps. Sometimes you work schematic design in Sketchup and then you jump in revit so the workflow is not for one app.

    If I create an assets in this editor (high-poly) I could make my dummy objects for sketchup (massings) and see them in full detail in enscape but the most important potential benefits is companies like evermotion can start creating assets specifically for Enscape regardless of the platform.. It will work in all the host apps.

    I'm considering get a Lumion license only because I could generate quick presentation base on the asset library but Lumion is not realtime.

    i have licenses of many render engines (vray, corona, finalrender, maxwell, Random Control, Octane) ....and I already spent several thousands in libraries for 3ds max over the years.... In my opinion, Enscape is becoming an standard and having that power of making assets is going to speed up the process and the decision of many firms to get more licenses.


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    Thanks Fernando Lino , Pieter and Gadget , I've filed a dedicated feature request which also includes all your wishes. ;)