RTX 4080/4090 vs RTX A5000

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  • This RTX 4090 is a beast! The fans in the Dell Aurora 15 are whisper quiet, even when I've got Enscape running. There is more noise from the furnace than the machine in our office! Not a gamer, but I have high hopes this box will get me through a few years of smooth VR and real-time rendering for our projects.

  • Wonderful update - thank you. Just FYI make sure before upgrading your present case enclosure is large enough. Some business class workstations can not close properly with the 40XX series card. They'll work - but you'll need to keep the cover off (and tape down the switch that cuts power when the case is open).

  • I was recently looking at graphics cards as finally there's availability and not huge markups (thank you crypto collapse!) and I was wondering the same thing. It doesn't seem like there's any significant upside to going to a 40 series from a 30 series RTX card. Real time navigation works the same with both cards, and the few seconds one might save on a still render is not noticeable when batch rendering. Only major advantage I can see is a larger GPU memory. For me it made a huge difference going from 8GB to 12 GB GPU RAM. I think it will only be when memory gets to be an issue that I will find a need to upgrade again. For day to day performance, I just don't see the need to upgrade. If you want faster loading, get a super fast SSD drive.

    It's actually not about loading times, it's more about the real time rendering in Enscape. Changing materials and such. My GPU usage and dedicated memory spikes to max and Enscape gets very laggy. Just wondering if I get any benefit from getting a 4090 24GB or not. Sure I have a lot of high poly count imported custom assets but that is kinda important for the realism.