My suggestion over workflow, let make Enscape shine throught next chapter

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  • Hello admins, mods 8)

    Wish you guys the best things in the world. Here are my suggestion for improving workflow of Escape, ensure much better working experience.

    * Purpose of intuitive: :)^^:D
    - Enscape will be always aim for faster way of testing, best "immersive way" of design. My first solution is for opaque control of pop up menu, like Asset library, Enscape material library, Enscape material editor etc. It should come in 3 option (both in color and opacity),
    + Background opacity,
    + Text opacity,
    + Image thumbnail opacity,
    With this setting, pretty sure that we have more intuitive, serving more segment of person with color correction. Also, opaque control give more screen to see through, feel more design. Our community will quickly post their favorite setting (theme pack). Developers just need to fill options, we do the rest.

    * Purpose of connecting: :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
    - All design come from human, human learn from each other precedent, providing experience. Should officially add community sample button, in different quality, let say grade them in S, A, B, C, D, E, F. The power of community driven sample project is much more potential than previous traditional thought.
    + Putting comment section, just like any sharing online project, click on roof for example find thousands of comments from community. One bus stop station than quickly provide feedbacks. We're living in a century of hyper connectivity. Let make everything harmonized.
    + In real life practice, let say I'm modelling a house. I press my community sample project, a modern house pop-up next to my existing design, with all settings, material from Escape built-in library. The sample house also provides feedback from thousands of comments, boosting beyond what we see for possibles outcomes.

    + The list keep going on with community sample material, community block (can import back to our library) etc. Everything built in a pop-up menu, one bus stop station, chatting, finding, providing, connecting.

    * Purpose of training: :thumbsup:
    - Traditional learning, studying, training for most part still passive no matter what kind of you're studying. My idea leverage it with publish community button, from there we open doors to many possible learning curve, feedback curve.

    + Let say, I am new to Enscape, I enter a session of design, just put publish button and press inviting friend. Quickly I can chat, learn directly from anyone willing to help me out, that's the best way we can make any new friend. The chatting can be stored hidden, just comment available to public final, also rating. So quickly I can find S design, A+ design for best possible routing of my learning.

    + It's also open doors to 1-1 coaching, live stream design. We're living in the world of connecting, let guide Enscape beyond a plug-in. Make it the daily activities of artist, how does that sound. To me it means way of life.

    Come on guys, I'm so fascinating with Enscape potential, its intuitive design can create whole new world, category of life for artist. Can't wait to share more with you guys.

    Wish the best for everyone!

    From Viet Nam with love!!!

  • Hey guys, the fact that not so much, or hundreds of comments, replies I think it also points out that forum is not really modern source of information. It still nice with mods, admins, but rather I think back to my title that we could add more value by using real-time interactive via real situation feedback.

    What do you guy's thoughts of this?

    Hope to hear from anyone soon.